Sensory Evaluation

At Sensory Services Ltd. we have been describing the sensory properties of consumer products for over 30 years.

Based on extensive Descriptive Analysis training, we can describe and quantify the sensory characteristics of food products by means of a highly developed descriptive vocabulary.  The result is a thorough understanding of the nature and intensity of a product’s sensory attributes.  We will work with you during product development, brand comparison or “off product” troubleshooting.

Sensory Profiling techniques can be used to “fingerprint” a product, for example, to describe a Gold Standard.  These techniques can also be used on products prior to taking them to consumer research.  By combining results of consumer testing with Sensory Profile findings, we are able to interpret what consumers are saying about the products into results the client can act upon.

QC/QA Programs and Testing

Sensory Services Ltd. will work with you to determine your needs including which sensory techniques are best suited for the evaluation of raw materials, in-process and finished consumer products.

Sensory Evaluation Training Seminars

We understand the value of precise, consistent and standardized sensory measurements.  For those who would like to learn more about sensory evaluation, we will hold basic and advanced “hands on” training sessions covering important skills such as: knowing what type of sensory testing to use for specific situations; determining who should evaluate products; and understanding how to develop a vocabulary of descriptive terms.

We can train employees at your facility, in the basics of sensory evaluation through to more product specific, advanced sensory principles.  Each seminar is customized to fulfill your company’s requirements.

Whether it be employees working in the plant, in product development or in marketing research, it is extremely beneficial for all to understand the sensory aspects of the products they are working with.