Sensory Services Ltd. is able to provide exceptional product knowledge and consumer behaviour knowledge. We bring this expertise to every aspect of our work from questionnaire design, to product handling, to test methodology, to understanding and interpreting what consumers are saying, to statistical analysis of data, and providing a final report with recommendations.

We consider every project to be unique.  Depending on your objectives, we are able to conduct Quantitative or Qualitative Consumer Research.

We offer support at all stages of the research plan:

  • Assist in Setting Project Objectives
  • Screener and Questionnaire Design
  • Consumer Recruitment
  • Data Tabulation
  • Verbatim Comments Tabulation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Provide a Final Interpretive Report

Consumer Recruiting

Sensory Services Ltd. has an extensive and ever expanding data base of consumers.

The consumers included in our data base have a wide range of demographic and product use characteristics.

Consumers with specified target group criteria are recruited from Mississauga and the surrounding area.

Our main facility is in located in Mississauga, with affiliations in major cities across Canada and the U.S.